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Access 1Password data on your PC via Firefox

5/26/10 update: I haven’t tried this in a couple years, so consider these directions outdated. If you have any luck, feel free to leave a comment.

Important: As of 8/6/08, version 2.7.2 works interchangeably with the current versions, but this may change without notice.

Updated 7/28/08 to address truncation issues with Safari

1Password, the acclaimed password manager for Mac, recently introduced an iPhone export function that provides on-the-go access to sensitive data. This is accomplished by creating an encrypted bookmarklet in Safari, which is in turn synchronized to your iPhone. Excellent.

Firefox recognizes this bookmarklet as well — meaning that Windows-by-day users no longer have to suffer without their critical logins. (Note that this trick does not work with Internet Explorer.)

To accomplish this:

  1. In 1Password, click on the “Sync to iPhone” icon in the toolbar and choose an access code for encryption. (This will create the bookmarklet in Safari.)

    Setup Sync
  2. Switch to your Safari bookmarks, where you will find two new categories, each with a bookmarklet. The 1Password bookmarklet enables a browsable list of all your 1Password data; the 1Password Logins bookmarklet provides a one-click login to the current page.

    Bookmarklets in Safari

    The data in the Address column is what you need to copy to your PC; however, Safari only lets you copy the first 32,000 characters of a bookmark’s address field, so copying from here is likely to fail. To work around this, drag the bookmark to Firefox on your Mac (either directly or via the Finder) to copy the data there. Then, in Firefox, select the bookmarklet properties. This is what you’ll see:

    Bookmarklets in Safari

    Hit Tab once to select the Location field. Copy the text into a plain-text file, and email it to yourself.

  3. Get it onto your Windows machine. (Easiest method: email it to yourself using the aforementioned plain text file.)

  4. Finally, create your bookmarklet in Firefox. To do this, first bookmark any page to your Firefox bookmarks bar. Then, right-click on the bookmark and choose “Properties”. Rename it as desired (“1P” suffices for my needs), and replace the Location field with the long string you emailed to yourself. For the 1Password bookmarklet, you’ll want to select “Load this bookmark in the sidebar”. For the 1Password Logins bookmarklet, leave it deselected.

    Create Bookmarklet

Firefox now has a secure, functional bookmarklet with your passwords and other data available.

1Password Logins bookmarklet in action: 1Password Logins bookmarklet

1Password bookmarklet in action:

Secure Entry Interface

(Use of the search function is recommended here as the tool sorts web forms by name)

1Password also provides a full-fledged html export, which you can keep on a thumb drive or upload to a server. (I wouldn’t recommend uploading the file — out of 6 billion people in the world, surely someone is bound to find the file and start playing.)

Bonus: For even easier synchronization, install Foxmarks to synchronize your Firefox bookmarks between your Mac and PC. Now you can copy straight from Safari to Firefox on your Mac and let Foxmarks do the synching. Update: Foxmarks didn’t work with the 1Password bookmarklets the last time I tried it; your mileage may vary.

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  1. That is a nice use of the iPhone bookmark :) I especially like the Foxmarks combination.

    We have plans to add an Export to Encrypted Web Page, which will use the same encryption technique as the iPhone bookmark uses, but it will work in all browsers.

    The plan is to likely use the same UI as the my1Password website ( The idea is since you are on a full screen monitor, there is no need to limit the UI, so we can provide the same experience as using 1Password natively on your Mac.


    –Dave Teare Co-author of 1Password

  2. I don’t mean to sound stupid but…How do you create a bookmarklet? I searched in the FF help and got no hits.

  3. David, thanks for your comment. I’ve started using my1password and it’s a great addition to an excellent product.

  4. Bob, to create a bookmarklet: 1) create a regular bookmark to any site. 2) Edit the bookmark, changing the name to suit your preference and replacing the address with the long string

    I hope this helps – let me know if you need more info.

  5. Dan,

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I closely followed your steps, but it doesn’t seem to be working! I get the log-in window in the side bar of FireFox on my PC, but there is a bunch of code written under the login banner. I am able to enter my access code but then there is no change, the login banner remains the same with all the code written underneath. Any help would be appreciated!

  6. I’m getting the same thing. Log in screen, no box of Auto-Lock and then more code underneath. Could it be that I have to many entries? I have 121 entries in 1Password. Is there a limit in firefox for the character string?

  7. BTW… Same for me on either firefox on the MAC or on the PC

  8. This is a great idea… I’ve been suffering using 1Password on my home machine, but having to work on a Windows machine at work.

    I will be trying this soon. Thanks!

  9. I seem to get two files in Safari – 1Password and 1Password Logins. The second one is javascript. Neither seems to work on the PC side with Firefox.

  10. Keith,

    Thanks for your comment – turns out Safari truncates the address field to 32,000 characters, which is far too short for some 1Password bookmarklets. I’ve updated the post with a workaround.


  11. Hello, I am unable to see the “two new categories, each with a bookmarklet” I am sure it’s user error, but can someone please point me to the right direction. I am a PC user by day and it’s hard not to have this available for my work PC.

    Thank you very much in advance.

  12. Cin,

    1) Make sure you’re using 1Password version 2.7.2 or earlier, not the latest versions. Recent updates have involved changes to the iPhone sync method, removing the bookmarklets entirely.

    2) If this is the case: After you use the 1Password bookmarklet sync, switch to Safari. When you go to Bookmarks [menu] > Show All Bookmarks, you should see the 1Password and 1Password Logins in the left-hand pane of the bookmarks window.

    Does this help?

  13. Thank you Dan!

    I had downloaded the latest version as a trial; and after downgrading to the earlier version am now able to copy the links to a text file. I will try tomorrow on the PC to upload. I really like this program and will definitely purchase when I get this working on the PC. Thanks again, nice software.

  14. I can’t get this to work at all. I am using the latest version of 1password 2.9.1, which has reintroduced bookmarklets. They work fine in Safari on the Mac, but not in Windows, either Firefox, Safari, Chrome or IE.

    Anyone help?

  15. I’m using LastPass now for my password manager. Works great. Hey Richard, maybe you could switch to LastPass too?

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