For those with something to say:


  1. Subject: Featuring your AppleScripts on Learn OmniFocus

    Hi Dan,

    My name’s Tim Stringer and I founded Learn OmniFocus ( last June to support people in using OmniFocus effectively, drawing from years of experience providing one-on-one coaching and consulting to a worldwide audience. The site currently consists of a growing library of articles, video, webinars and other resources. Some content is provided free of charge and others is available exclusively to Learn OmniFocus Members.

    Among other things, one of my goals is to demystify the use of AppleScript and make this functionality available to a wider audience. I’m leading a webinar called “Automating OmniFocus” next week that will feature OmniFocus’ AppleScript integration and am preparing to add an AppleScript directory to the site. To give you a taste of the current AppleScript-related content, here’s a video featuring Curt Clifton’s Complete & Await Reply:

    I’m writing to confirm it’s ok to reference the AppleScripts you’ve written in the material I present on Learn OmniFocus, on the understanding that I give full credit to you as the author and provide a link to your website for people to download your AppleScripts. Also, I wanted to make sure that these scripts still work reliably in the latest version of OmniFocus. In return, I’m happy to offer you complimentary access to all Learn OmniFocus content and services.

    Best wishes from Vancouver, Canada.

    Cheers, Tim