XMind Update includes MindManager Export, Improved Printing

XMind 2008 v2.2 includes MindManager export, improved printing, and more.


Printing is vastly improved, to the point at which XMind can be trusted to print what you expect it to. XMind seems intent on printing in landscape mode, but this is a small price to pay for printing that works as expected.

The Print workflow has been streamlined as well, and the process feels more native, although printing is still a 3-step operation (Preview screen, Page Setup screen, Print screen).

MindManager Export

MindManager Export is a very welcome addition and works fairly well, even with non-basic map structures. For example, using this document in XMind:

Via Skitch

In MindManager 7 (Mac), this document came out as:


MindManager for Mac does not support nested tables, so this is an acceptable rendition of the table.

In MindManager Pro 6 on Windows, I was unable to open the file due to an XML processing error. I’ve submitted feedback to XMind and I’m sure this will be sorted out soon enough. Update: Stephen Zhu informed me that the MindManager export is compatible with MindManager 7 only, not 6 – I don’t have MM 7 installed on my PC but assume it works as it does on Mac. Thanks for the quick response, Stephen.

In the meantime, it’s nice to see the XMind team moving in the direction of interoperability.

Well done, XMind Team. Press release here

For those with something to say:


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