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What if we could give calories away, not just lose them?

Three years ago, I wrote the following vision statement for my career as a product manager:

To develop technologies that help people make sense of the world around them and engage in more meaningful, healthy, productive, connected lives.

I joined AwayFind in 2012 to help people be more productive, stay better connected to the people that are important to them, and spend more time doing things that are meaningful to them. I’m proud of the product we built and the ways AwayFind helps people achieve these goals.

This month, I’m taking a different tack to focus on health, connectedness, and meaning: I’m joining forces with Calorie Cloud and UNICEF to build a fitness platform that connects the wellbeing of people like you and me to those struggling just to stay alive.

What if we could give calories away, not just lose them?

It’s a bold question for a bolder idea – fitting, as Mark Moore and Troy Hickerson developed the Calorie Cloud vision at The Unreasonable Institute last summer. (Watch Mark explain Calorie Cloud.)

I doubt I’ll post many updates as we’ll be heads-down on the project for the foreseeable future, but I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them on this journey.

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