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OmniFocus script: Clear start and due dates of selected item(s)

For OmniFocus users: here’s a script to clear the start and due dates of all selected tasks.

Download it here

Update: for those interested, here is a version that lets you change the context as well. I don’t personally use this version so please let me know if you have any issues with it.

For those with something to say:



  1. Dan,

    Excellent work on all the OF scripts — I just discovered them the other week but they already are making a big impact in my workflow. Thank you for sharing it.

    One question regarding the “clear start and due dates” script — could the script be modified to also change the context of the task to, for instance, “Someday”?

  2. Thanks, Bartosz—I just emailed you a version that should do that. If anyone else wants that, I’ll post it too.

  3. Dan, if you could post the script that changes the context, I would appreciate seeing it also. I thought I could just add a set context statement to the above script, but I must be overlooking something.

  4. Dan — I’d love to see it as well.


  5. I’d also like to see the script Dan as your other scripts have been incredibly helpful.

  6. Greg, Kenoli, and Demos—I’ve just posted the alternate script that lets you set context. Let me know if you have any issues with it. (Greg & Kenoli—sorry for the delay!)

  7. Hi Dan,

    The script works excellently, thank you very very much.

  8. Can more than once record be selected to run the script on – how is this done?


  9. J – absolutely, just hold the command key (⌘ or ) while clicking on multiple individual items. The script will run on all items selected.

  10. Is is possible to modify this script so that is CLEARS the Context field, instead of changing the context to something else?

  11. Hi Dan,

    This is awesome, just what I needed. Thx.