On the Halcyon Days of the Apple Extended Keyboard II

John Gruber:

I think the old knock against Apple in the ’80s and ’90s from people who didn’t like them or didn’t get them was that they’re this company and they sell overpriced computer equipment to fans. And people would even say ‘Look, they sell keyboards for 160 bucks, what a rip-off…’ But here’s the thing: they were worth 160 bucks.

What if you said ‘Let’s make that’s top-of-the-line: better casing, better technology under the keys, something that’s built to last; this is what you would get. So no wonder the computers were more expensive – everything was built that way. The one I used in college, I used for 14 years consecutively through a bunch of computers, and then finally in November 2006, the E key got a little flaky.

Dan Benjamin:

I made the mistake when I sold old computers… in my mind, I just assumed we would continue to have keyboards that were great, that would continue to last. I never thought these would be relics of a bygone era and impossible to find.

From The Talk Show