Jobfox provides some interesting offerings in the career marketing/job hunting field.  Unlike the traditional resume board model pioneered by Monster and others, Jobfox attempts to create more holistic profiles of both job seekers and employers, then provides opportunity matches that may be a better fit.

During the profile creation process, Jobfox leads users through specific areas of job experience as well as a host of employment-related preferences, from dress code to specific preferred benefits.

For me, answering the step-by-step questionnaires was valuable; the process helped me identify some skills that I had never specifically noted. Once complete, users end up with a personal profile page as well as an “inbox”, where you can see job matches that are the closest fit to your preferences, experience, requirements, etc.

One particularly interesting feature of your Jobfox profile page is an ‘experience map’, which displays your areas of experience and expertise in a mind map-like visualization.

Notably absent from Jobfox are any networking features. I guess I’ll hang on to LinkedIn for networking, recommendations, etc.

To see my Jobfox page, click here: