WorldCat library search bookmarklet

For users of WorldCat or Melvyl (their branded search for the UC Berkeley library), the following bookmarklets should come in handy. They do one thing and one thing only: search WorldCat for the selected text.

To install: drag one of the following bookmarks to your bookmarks bar. (You may want to rename it.)

Search on WorldCatSearch on Melvyl

To use: Select some text on a web page, then activate the bookmark to search. That’s it.

The University of South Carolina Celebrates the Card Catalog

The University of South Carolina’s library is launching a “year-long series of events honoring the card catalog, its use in the transformation of knowledge, and the people who created and used it”. Events include:

  • a catalog card boat race
  • a catalog card design contest

Perhaps the coolest bit is the widget celebrating different cards:


More here.