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Brainstorm in XMind, work in OmniFocus

It’s the best of all possible worlds! Now you can brainstorm in XMind and import directly into OmniFocus via Udo Gaetke’s clever AppleScript. The script creates a project from your map’s root node and actions (or subactions) from the other nodes.

Thus, this:

XMind plan

Becomes this:

OmniFocus Plan
Via Skitch

Get the script here (


  • Although XMind isn’t scriptable, the XML file format is open; his script digs into the XML structure to pull relevant data

  • The script contains a property called import_folder. You’ll need to create a folder in OmniFocus with this name before running

  • The script contains a “rm -f” operation. This deletes a temporary XML file created by the script. You may want to peruse the script yourself before running

For those with something to say:


  1. Dan, thanks for blogging about the script. I think I’ll also create a script for importing out of freemind. Requests and ideas are really welcome.

    bye, Udo

  2. How would you compare the advantages/disadvanted of:

    Xmind vs Freemind vs Voodoopad vs Omni Focus


    John Rossini

  3. Hi John,

    Of those tools, only XMind and Freemind can really be compared. I used Freemind briefly but can’t really speak to it. I’m an avid OmniFocus user as well, but it’s designed for task management, not concept mapping.