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OmniFocus snooze script

Last Updated: 2010-06-15

Here’s an AppleScript that “snoozes” selected OmniFocus items by setting their start date to a future* value. These items will then be unavailable (and out of sight in views showing “available” items) until the snoozed start date.


  1. Run the script with one or more items selected in OmniFocus

  2. Choose how long you would like to snooze the items (in # of days)

The script will then set the start date of selected items to the current date + the number of days selected in step 2. For example, snoozing with the default value of 1 day will set the tasks to begin at 12:00 AM tomorrow.

Finally, if you have Growl installed, the script will display a Growl confirmation.

I highly recommend initiating the script from a third-party launcher such as FastScripts or Quicksilver. This will prevent delays within the OmniFocus application due to Growl bugs.)

Download it here.

* This doesn’t have to be a future value. Choosing 0 as the snooze value will set the start date to midnight today; choosing -1 will set the start date to midnight yesterday.

For those with something to say:


  1. Wow. You have some fabulous scripts here. Thank you!

    I’m pretty dumb with respect to applescripting but one think I’m craving is a way not just to snooze using the number of days, but a way to snooze using OmniFocus’ magical parsing abilities… So I could say something like “1d 5pm” if I don’t want to see a group of actions until tomorrow at 5pm, or “tue” if I don’t want to see a group of actions until Tuesday, etc. Would this serve others?… or just me? Is this an easy tweak to your snooze script? In any case, thanks for the immensely useful work!

  2. Dear Dan Byler,

    I have downloaded your snooze.scpt (among others) and copied it into the Scripts Folder I created for OmniFocus on my Mac HD as per David Sparky’s Ninja instructions.

    I managed to get the AppleScript Launching icon into my taskbar somehow, but am unsure how to ‘run’ snooze.scpt from there or indeed how to update the launch bar index to look at the Scripts Folder on my Mac HD as David Sparky advises.

    I would be grateful for your advice on this score.

    Regards, Marnie Hanlon

  3. Marnie—if you’ve got it in your OmniFocus toolbar, you should be able to just select a task and click on the icon to run the script. Is that working for you?

  4. i use launch bar to run your snooze script, the launch bar window stays open and all i can see of your script window is cancel or ok. how can i adjust this please?

  5. @mike launch snooze scriptvia the key combination “alt+return” then the launchbar window will disappear.

  6. For the life of me, I can’t seem to get this script set up. I’ve downloaded it and tried placing it in several areas (Library/Application Support/Omnifocus, a self created Scripts folder, etc.) but I can’t seem to get access to it, or view it. Can anyone provide any direction on what to try next? I’m running latest Omnifocus, Lion, etc. on my Macbook Pro.